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AEROSMITH Box Of Fire - 12xCD limited edition

Label Columbia CXK 66687
Format BOX-SET
Released 1994

Gold Certified Box Set of Aerosmith’s first 12 Albums, PLUS Bonus Disc of Rarities!

  • The Definitive Aero-Collection
  • All 12 Original Albums + BONUS Disc w/ rarities
  • 121 Tracks!
  • Remastered from the original source tapes
  • CD booklets feature classic photos and memorabilia

CD1-01 Make It 3:38
CD1-02 Somebody 3:45
CD1-03 Dream On 4:27
CD1-04 One Way Street 7:00
CD1-05 Mama Kin 4:27
CD1-06 Write Me A Letter 4:10
CD1-07 Movin' Out 5:02
CD1-08 Walkin' The Dog 3:12
Get Your Wings
CD2-01 Same Old Song And Dance 3:53
CD2-02 Lord Of The Thighs 4:14
CD2-03 Spaced 4:22
CD2-04 Woman Of The World 5:48
CD2-05 S.o.s. (Too Bad) 2:51
CD2-06 Train Kept A Rollin' 5:33
CD2-07 Seasons Of Wither 5:39
CD2-08 Pandora's Box 5:44
Toys In The Attic
CD3-01 Toys In The Attic 3:05
CD3-02 Uncle Salty 4:10
CD3-03 Adam's Apple 4:34
CD3-04 Walk This Way 3:40
CD3-05 Big Ten Inch Record 2:16
CD3-06 Sweet Emotion 4:34
CD3-07 No More No More 4:34
CD3-08 Round And Round 5:03
CD3-09 You See Me Crying 5:12
CD4-01 Back In The Saddle 4:39
CD4-02 Last Child 3:27
CD4-03 Rats In The Cellar 4:06
CD4-04 Combination 3:39
CD4-05 Sick As A Dog 4:12
CD4-06 Nobody's Fault 4:25
CD4-07 Get The Lead Out 3:42
CD4-08 Lick And A Promise 3:05
CD4-09 Home Tonight 3:16
Draw The Line
CD5-01 Draw The Line 3:23
CD5-02 I Wanna Know Why 3:09
CD5-03 Critical Mass 4:53
CD5-04 Get It Up 4:02
CD5-05 Bright Light Fright 2:19
CD5-06 Kings And Queens 4:55
CD5-07 The Hand That Feeds 4:23
CD5-08 Sight For Sore Eyes 3:56
CD5-09 Milk Cow Blues 4:14
Aerosmith : Live Bootleg
CD6-01 Back In The Saddle 4:25
CD6-02 Sweet Emotion 4:42
CD6-03 Lord Of The Thighs 7:18
CD6-04 Toys In The Attic 3:45
CD6-05 Last Child 3:14
CD6-06 Come Together 4:51
CD6-07 Walk This Way 3:46
CD6-08 Sick As A Dog 4:42
CD6-09 Dream On 4:31
CD6-10 Chip Away The Stone 4:12
CD6-11 Sight For Sore Eyes 3:18
CD6-12 Mama Kin 3:43
CD6-13 S.o.s. 2:46
CD6-14 I Ain't Got You 3:57
CD6-15 Mother Popcorn 7:00
CD6-16 Train Kept A Rollin' / Strangers In The Night 4:51
Night In The Ruts
CD7-01 No Surprize 4:25
CD7-02 Chiquita 4:24
CD7-03 Remember (Walking In The Sand) 4:05
CD7-04 Cheese Cake 4:15
CD7-05 Three Mile Smile 3:42
CD7-06 Reefer Head Woman 4:02
CD7-07 Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy) 2:59
CD7-08 Think About It 3:35
CD7-09 Mia 4:14
Greatest Hits
CD8-01 Dream On 4:28
CD8-02 Same Old Song And Dance 3:01
CD8-03 Sweet Emotion 3:12
CD8-04 Walk This Way 3:31
CD8-05 Last Child 3:27
CD8-06 Back In The Saddle 4:38
CD8-07 Draw The Line 3:21
CD8-08 Kings And Queens 3:47
CD8-09 Come Together 3:45
CD8-10 Remember (Walking In The Sand) 4:05
Rock In A Hard Place
CD9-01 Jailbait 4:38
CD9-02 Lightning Strikes 4:26
CD9-03 Bitch's Brew 4:14
CD9-04 Bolivian Ragamuffin 3:32
CD9-05 Cry Me A River 4:06
CD9-06 Prelude To Joanie 1:21
CD9-07 Joanie's Butterfly 5:35
CD9-08 Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat) 4:46
CD9-09 Jig Is Up 3:10
CD9-10 Push Comes To Shove 4:28
Classics Live!
CD10-01 Train Kept A Rollin' 3:20
CD10-02 Kings And Queens 4:46
CD10-03 Sweet Emotion 5:14
CD10-04 Dream On 4:50
CD10-05 Mama Kin 3:41
CD10-06 Three Mile Smile / Reefer Head Woman 4:54
CD10-07 Lord Of The Thighs 7:05
CD10-08 Major Barbra 4:03
Classics Live! II
CD11-01 Back In The Saddle 4:38
CD11-02 Walk This Way 4:22
CD11-03 Movin' Out 5:44
CD11-04 Draw The Line 4:47
CD11-05 Same Old Song And Dance 5:45
CD11-06 Last Child 3:43
CD11-07 Let The Music Do The Talking 5:44
CD11-08 Toys In The Attic 4:04
CD12-01 Rats In The Cellar 4:06
CD12-02 Lick And A Promise 3:05
CD12-03 Chip Away The Stone 4:01
CD12-04 No Surprize 4:26
CD12-05 Mama Kin 4:27
CD12-06 Adam's Apple 4:34
CD12-07 Nobody's Fault 4:18
CD12-08 Round And Round 5:03
CD12-09 Critical Mass 4:52
CD12-10 Lord Of The Thighs 4:14
CD12-11 Jailbait 4:39
CD12-12 Train Kept A Rollin' 5:41
Box Of Fire Bonus Disc
CD13-01 Sweet Emotion (1991) 4:33
CD13-02 Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu 2:54
CD13-03 Subway 3:29
CD13-04 Circle Jerk 3:40
CD13-05 Dream On (MTV Anniversary) 5:44

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AEROSMITH Box Of Fire - 12xCD limited edition
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