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ALEXANDRE DESPLAT Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets COLOR 2xLP

Label Europa Corp. ‎– IDOL DLP 045, 3700551782109
Format Vinyl
Released 2017
Availability 24h

2LP edition with white LP + blue LP.
Gatefold Sleeve
Luc Bessons MOVIE The film was inspired by the French cult comic "Valerian And The City Of Thousand Planets" from the 70s.

With a budget of over 180 million euros, it is one of the most expensive European productions of all time - in the US, the film with a budget of over 90 million US dollars at the start and is thus in a league with Star Wars, Disney and Marvel

A1 –David Bowie Space Oddity (2015 Remastered Version)
Written-By – David Bowie / 05:14
A2 –Alexandre Desplat Pearls on Mul 07:36
A3 –Alexandre Desplat Big Market 02:08
A4 –Alexandre Desplat Flight Above The Big Market 02:42
B1 –Cara Delevingne I Feel Everything 03:03
B2 –Alexandre Desplat Showtime 02:41
B3 –Alexandre Desplat Valerian In Trouble 01:36
B4 –Alexandre Desplat Bus Attack 03:28
B5 –Alexandre Desplat Arriving on Alpha 02:05
B6 –Alexandre Desplat Valerian's Armor 02:07
B7 –Alexandre Desplat Spaceship chase 03:31
C1 –Julien Rey Bubble Dance 02:26
C2 –Alexandre Desplat Submarine 03:01
C3 –Alexandre Desplat Medusa 02:01
C4 –Alexandre Desplat Shoot 01:36
C5 –Alexandre Desplat Le Souper du Roi 01:58
C6 –Alexandre Desplat Bubble 02:34
C7 –Bob Marley & The Wailers Jamming
Written-By – Bob Marley / 03:17
D1 –Alexandre Desplat Pearl's World 06:11
D2 –Alexandre Desplat Dark Forces 01:49
D3 –Alexandre Desplat Final Combat 07:10
D4 –Alexiane Silla A Million On My Soul 04:05

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ALEXANDRE DESPLAT Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets COLOR 2xLP
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