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ENYA Enya All Time Best - JAPAN CD+DVD (WPZR-30357)

Label Warner Japan, WPZR 30357-8, 4943674095438
Format DVD + CD
Released 2009
Availability 24h

Greatest hits album release from Enya featuring the songs selected up by Enya, Nicky Ryan and Roma Ryan. Special edition includes bonus DVD featuring music video and documentary footage / LIMITED EDITION

CD-1 Trains And Winter Rains 3:44
CD-2 My! My! Time Flies 3:00
CD-3 Stars And Midnight Blue 3:07
CD-4 Amarantine 3:12
CD-5 Sumiregusa 4:40
CD-6 The River Sings 2:48
CD-7 If I Could Be Where You Are 4:00
CD-8 Wild Child 3:47
CD-9 Only Time 3:38
CD-10 Drifting 4:10
CD-11 Flora's Secret 4:06
CD-12 Fallen Embers 2:30
CD-13 One By One 3:43
CD-14 Pax Deorum 4:58
CD-15 Athair Ar Neamh 3:41
CD-16 Anywhere Is 3:58
CD-17 Orinoco Flow 4:26
CD-18 Watermark 2:26
CD-19 Boadicea 3:31
CD-20 May It Be 3:33
CD-21 Caribbean Blue 3:59
CD-22 Aníron (I Desire) 2:43
DVD-1 Orinoco Flow
DVD-2 Caribbean Blue
DVD-3 Only Time
DVD-4 The Celts
DVD-5 Amarantine
DVD-6 Trains And Winter Rains
DVD-7 Evening Falls
DVD-8 Anywhere Is
DVD-9 It's In The Rain
DVD-10 Wild Child
DVD-11 Only If
DVD-12 Storms In Africa
DVD-13 On My Way Home
DVD-14 Enya: A Life In Music
DVD-15 Making Of Caribbean Blue
DVD-16 Making Of Only Time

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ENYA Enya All Time Best - JAPAN CD+DVD (WPZR-30357)
24 godziny

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