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Label American Recordings B0025730-01, 602557165906
Format Vinyl
Released 2017

9x180g LP
In total this release has 79 songs and these are now spread over nine 180g vinyl LPs. The packaging is two cloth-bound books which slot into an outer slipcase. One book holds the nine vinyl records while the other is a 64 page coffee table book which contains Sylvie Simmons’ sleeve notes, Cash and Rubin’s comments on every track and plenty of photos from the recording sessions.

Unearthed Volume One: Who's Gonna Cry
1-A1 –Johnny Cash Long Black Veil 3:15
1-A2 –Johnny Cash Flesh And Blood 2:30
1-A3 –Johnny Cash Just The Other Side Of Nowhere 3:19
1-A4 –Johnny Cash If I Give My Soul 3:02
1-A5 –Johnny Cash Understand Your Man 2:06
1-B1 –Johnny Cash Banks Of The Ohio 4:08
1-B2 –Johnny Cash Two Timin' Woman 2:06
1-B3 –Johnny Cash The Caretaker 1:55
1-B4 –Johnny Cash Old Chunk Of Coal 1:54
1-B5 –Johnny Cash I'm Going To Memphis 2:40

2-A1 –Johnny Cash Breaking Bread 2:49
2-A2 –Johnny Cash Waiting For A Train 1:47
2-A3 –Johnny Cash Casey's Last Ride 3:21
2-A4 –Johnny Cash No Earthly Good 2:44
2-B1 –Johnny Cash The Fourth Man In The Fire 2:48
2-B2 –Johnny Cash Dark As A Dungeon 3:01
2-Bonus 1 –Johnny Cash Book Review 2:08
2-Bonus 2 –Johnny Cash Down There By The Train (Alternate Take) 5:49

Unearthed Volume Two: Trouble In Mind
3-A1 –Johnny Cash Pocahontas 3:44
3-A2 –Johnny Cash I'm A Drifter (Version One) 3:50
3-A3 –Johnny Cash Trouble In Mind 3:32
3-A4 –Johnny Cash Down The Line 2:38
3-B1 –Johnny Cash I'm Movin' On 2:55
3-B2 –Johnny Cash As Long As The Grass Shall Grow 4:22
3-B3 –Johnny Cash Heart Of Gold 3:02
3-B4 –Johnny Cash & Tom Petty The Running Kind 3:12

4-A1 –Johnny Cash Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby 2:12
4-A2 –Johnny Cash & Carl Perkins Brown-Eyed Handsome Man 2:21
4-A3 –Johnny Cash 'T' For Texas 3:39
4-A4 –Johnny Cash Devil's Right Hand 2:33
4-B1 –Johnny Cash I'm A Drifter (Version 2) 3:45
4-Bonus 1 –Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson Like A Soldier 2:55
4-Bonus 2 –Johnny Cash Drive On (Alternate Lyrics) 2:24
4-Bonus 3 –Johnny Cash Bird On A Wire (Live With Orchestra) 5:12

Unearthed Volume Three: Redemption Songs
5-A1 –Johnny Cash A Singer Of Songs 2:49
5-A2 –Johnny Cash The L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore 3:13
5-A3 –Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer Redemption Song 3:28
5-A4 –Johnny Cash & Fiona Apple Father And Son 2:50
5-B1 –Johnny Cash Chattanooga Sugar Babe 3:17
5-B2 –Johnny Cash He Stopped Loving Her Today 2:37
5-B3 –Johnny Cash Hard Times 4:02
5-B4 –Johnny Cash Wichita Lineman 3:03

6-A1 –Johnny Cash & Nick Cave Cindy 2:53
6-A2 –Johnny Cash Big Iron 3:52
6-A3 –Johnny Cash Salty Dog 2:26
6-A4 –Johnny Cash & Glen Campbell Gentle On My Mind 3:25
6-B1 –Johnny Cash You Are My Sunshine 3:18
6-B2 –Johnny Cash You'll Never Walk Alone 2:59
6-Bonus 1 –Johnny Cash The Man Comes Around (Early Take) 3:50

Unearthed Volume Four: My Mother's Hymn Book
7-A1 –Johnny Cash Where We'll Never Grow Old 3:31
7-A2 –Johnny Cash I Shall Not Be Moved 2:41
7-A3 –Johnny Cash I Am A Pilgrim 2:28
7-A4 –Johnny Cash Do Lord 2:13
7-A5 –Johnny Cash When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder 1:36
7-A6 –Johnny Cash If We Never Meet Again This Side Of Heaven 2:31
7-A7 –Johnny Cash I'll Fly Away 1:54
7-A8 –Johnny Cash Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies 2:16
7-B1 –Johnny Cash Let The Lower Lights Be Burning 3:14
7-B2 –Johnny Cash When He Reached Down 2:14
7-B3 –Johnny Cash In The Sweet By And By 2:25
7-B4 –Johnny Cash I'm Bound For The Promised Land 2:15
7-B5 –Johnny Cash In The Garden 3:18
7-B6 –Johnny Cash Softly And Tenderly 3:17
7-B7 –Johnny Cash Just As I Am 2:38

Uneartehed Volume Five: Best Of Cash On American
8-A1 –Johnny Cash Delia's Gone 2:20
8-A2 –Johnny Cash Bird On A Wire 4:04
8-A3 –Johnny Cash Thirteen 3:23
8-A4 –Johnny Cash Rowboat 3:45
8-B1 –Johnny Cash The One Rose 2:28
8-B2 –Johnny Cash Rusty Cage 2:50
8-B3 –Johnny Cash Southern Accents 4:43
8-B4 –Johnny Cash Mercy Seat 4:36

9-A1 –Johnny Cash Solitary Man 2:26
9-A2 –Johnny Cash Wayfaring Stranger 3:22
9-A3 –Johnny Cash One 3:53
9-A4 –Johnny Cash Hung My Head 3:52
9-B1 –Johnny Cash The Man Comes Around 4:30
9-B2 –Johnny Cash We'll Meet Again 2:58
9-B3 –Johnny Cash Hurt 3:37

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