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Nightmare On Elm Street Collection (BOX 8xLP)

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A Nightmare On Elm Street
A1 –Charles Bernstein Prologue 0:34
A2 –Charles Bernstein Main Title 3:33
A3 –Charles Bernstein Laying The Traps 2:06
A4 –Charles Bernstein Dream Attack 1:21
A5 –Charles Bernstein Rod Hanged/Night Stalking 4:44
A6 –Charles Bernstein Jail Cell 1:13
A7 –Charles Bernstein Confrontation 1:41
A8 –Charles Bernstein Sleep Clinic 2:25
A9 –Charles Bernstein Terror In The Tub 1:00
A10 –Charles Bernstein No Escape 2:15
A11 –Charles Bernstein School Horror/Stay Awake 4:02
B12 –Charles Bernstein Lurking 1:01
B13 –Charles Bernstein Telephone Terror 1:08
B14 –Charles Bernstein Fountain Of Blood 1:03
B15 –Charles Bernstein Evil Freddy 0:50
B16 –Charles Bernstein Final Search 3:57
B17 –Charles Bernstein Run Nancy 1:08
B18 –Charles Bernstein Horror Movie (Source Cue) 0:43
B19 –Charles Bernstein Nancy Glen 2:30
B20 –Charles Bernstein Funeral 0:56
B21 –Charles Bernstein Freddy's Hat 0:59
B22 –Charles Bernstein Bridge Talk 1:08
B23 –Charles Bernstein Bars On Windows 1:00
B24 –Charles Bernstein Freddy's Glove 0:22
B25 –Charles Bernstein Dad At Glen's 0:45
B26 –Charles Bernstein Boiler Room 1:22
B27 –Charles Bernstein Show Yourself 0:45
B28 –Charles Bernstein Morning After 1:23
B29 –Charles Bernstein Stingers 0:46
A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge
C1 –Christopher Young Main Title 2:32
C2 –Christopher Young ...And Leave The Driving To Us 2:01
C3 –Christopher Young Furnace Flare-Up 2:17
C4 –Christopher Young Kissing Freddy On The Catwalk 3:21
C5 –Christopher Young Chest-Burster 3:53
C6 –Christopher Young Jump Rope 1:45
C7 –Christopher Young Fire Bird 3:12
C8 –Christopher Young Dream Heat 1:11
C9 –Christopher Young Necromancer's Spell 2:31
D10 –Christopher Young "Kill For Me" 2:35
D11 –Christopher Young Sports Attack/Threatening Angela 2:35
D12 –Christopher Young Freed Of Her 1:29
D13 –Christopher Young Snake-In-The-Class 0:56
D14 –Christopher Young Nightmare On Elm Street Suite - "Suite Dreams 14:59
A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
E1 –Angelo Badalamenti Opening 1:52
E2 –Angelo Badalamenti Puppet Walk 3:19
E3 –Angelo Badalamenti Save The Children 1:24
E4 –Angelo Badalamenti Taryn's Deepest Fear 2:48
E5 –Angelo Badalamenti Deceptive Romance 2:47
E6 –Angelo Badalamenti Snake Attack 1:46
E7 –Angelo Badalamenti Magic Butterfly 1:21
E8 –Angelo Badalamenti The Embrace 0:43
E9 –Angelo Badalamenti Quiet Room/Wheelchair/Icy Bones 2:42
E10 –Angelo Badalamenti Rumbling Room 1:15
E11 –Angelo Badalamenti Dreamspace 0:46
E12 –Angelo Badalamenti The Dream House 2:02
F13 –Angelo Badalamenti Is Freddy Gone?/Trouble Starting/Prime Time TV/Icy Window 4:38
F14 –Angelo Badalamenti Grave Walk 1:11
F15 –Angelo Badalamenti Nursery Theme 1:56
F16 –Angelo Badalamenti Light's Out 0:57
F17 –Angelo Badalamenti Dreaming/Basement Chase 4:05
F18 –Angelo Badalamenti Bathroom Attack/Computer 1:41
F19 –Angelo Badalamenti Prime Time 0:26
F20 –Angelo Badalamenti Junkyard Intro/Mom's Head 1:33
F21 –Angelo Badalamenti Freddy Hell 2:56
F22 –Angelo Badalamenti Skeleton Fight/Mirrors 1:20
F23 –Angelo Badalamenti Dad Descends/Nancy Dies 2:24
A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
G1 –Craig Safan Kristen's Haunted Dream 3:47
G2 –Craig Safan Freddy's Back 4:29
G3 –Craig Safan Kincaid Killed In Junkyard 1:32
G4 –Craig Safan Joey's Wet Dream 1:43
G5 –Craig Safan Drugged To Death 3:21
G6 –Craig Safan Alice Lured Into Dream 2:29
G7 –Craig Safan Rick's Kung Fu Death 3:20
G8 –Craig Safan Freddy's Pizza Restaurant 1:59
H9 –Craig Safan Debbie Checks In/Time Circles 4:25
H10 –Craig Safan Sheila Sucks Face 2:52
H11 –Craig Safan Theatre Madness 1:40
H12 –Craig Safan Freddy's Calliope 1:54
H13 –Craig Safan Alice Battles Freddy 3:56
H14 –Craig Safan Corpus Krueger 3:12
H15 –Craig Safan Locker Scare/Boiler Scare/Bug Scare/Daydream B 1:14
H16 –Craig Safan Alice At Mirror/Mom Discovers Joey/Kristen Faints/Freddy As Nurse/Daytime House 2:25
H17 –Craig Safan Alice Looks At Sidewalk/Kristen Dies Part D/Burning Bed/Alice Smokes In Bathroom 1:54
H18 –Craig Safan Alice Laments/Sleep Clinic/Daydream 2:12
H19 –Craig Safan Freddy Reflection/Alice Wakes/Mind Over Matter/Hospital Arrival 1:52
A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child
I1 –Jay Ferguson Prologue - Elm Street Kids 0:48
I2 –Jay Ferguson Main Title 3:22
I3 –Jay Ferguson "It's A Boy!" 0:59
I4 –Jay Ferguson Freddy Delivers 1:18
I5 –Jay Ferguson Family Plot 1:32
I6 –Jay Ferguson Yvonne Takes The Plunge 0:54
I7 –Jay Ferguson Mr. Sandman, Bring Me A Dream 1:17
I8 –Jay Ferguson Don't Dream And Drive 1:44
I9 –Jay Ferguson Like Father, Like Son 2:02
I10 –Jay Ferguson Mark Visits Elm Street 1:43
I11 –Jay Ferguson Hell On Wheels 2:10
I12 –Jay Ferguson Another Brick In The Wall 1:30
I13 –Jay Ferguson Stuffed/Choked (Gag Me With A Spoon) 1:32
I14 –Jay Ferguson Shower 0:43
J15 –Jay Ferguson The Asylum 1:13
J16 –Jay Ferguson There Was A Crooked Man 1:51
J17 –Jay Ferguson Freddy's Stroller 1:22
J18 –Jay Ferguson Super Freddy 1:17
J19 –Jay Ferguson Twins 1:15
J20 –Jay Ferguson Freddy Cuts Up 1:47
J21 –Jay Ferguson Mr. And Mrs. Jordan 1:47
J22 –Jay Ferguson Party At Club Fred 1:27
J23 –Jay Ferguson Amanda's Tune 1:23
J24 –Jay Ferguson Jacob's Story 1:00
J25 –Jay Ferguson Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered 1:15
J26 –Jay Ferguson Don't Look Down 0:46
J27 –Jay Ferguson St. Elm Street's Child 1:59
J28 –Jay Ferguson Toys For Tots 1:19
J29 –Jay Ferguson I've Got You Under My Skin 0:54
J30 –Jay Ferguson Kicking And Screaming 1:03
J31 –Jay Ferguson Womb With A V.U. 1:52
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare
K1 –Brian May Opening Titles 1:32
K2 –Brian May Main Title 2:18
K3 –Brian May Doc's Dream Theory 1:51
K4 –Brian May John's Eyball 1:16
K5 –Brian May Maggie's First dream 0:52
K6 –Brian May Wizard Of Odd 0:39
K7 –Brian May The Dream Continues 0:42
K8 –Brian May John's Dream 1:27
K9 –Brian May Crossing The Line 0:34
K10 –Brian May No Kids At The Fair 2:02
K11 –Brian May Map Hell 1:02
K12 –Brian May Freddy "101" 1:59
K13 –Brian May There's No Way Out 1:41
K14 –Brian May Checking Out The House 1:11
K15 –Brian May Mama's Q-Tip 0:37
K16 –Brian May Freddy Wins 0:51
K17 –Brian May I Hate This House 2:35
L18 –Brian May Back With Doc 1:38
L19 –Brian May Defend Myself 1:42
L20 –Brian May Maggie Faces Freddy 3:31
L21 –Brian May Tracy's Dad 1:29
L22 –Brian May Tracy And Freddy's Fight 1:14
L23 –Brian May It's Me Or Him 2:41
L24 –Brian May Freddy's Dad 1:02
L25 –Brian May Freddy Is Made Forever 0:29
L26 –Brian May Freddy Into Reality 2:05
L27 –Brian May It's Me Or Him II 1:38
L28 –Brian May Happy Father's Day 4:17
L29 –Ashley Irwin Video Game Suite 1:31
Wes Craven's New Nightmare
M1 –J. Peter Robinson Opening & Theme (Overlay) 1:10
M2 –J. Peter Robinson Claw Attack 1:26
M3 –J. Peter Robinson Chase And Heather 1:15
M4 –J. Peter Robinson Wall Scratches & Theme (Overlay) 0:39
M5 –J. Peter Robinson Freddy Calls 0:35
M6 –J. Peter Robinson TV Show Source 0:59
M7 –J. Peter Robinson Freddy's Back & Theme (Overlay) 0:46
M8 –J. Peter Robinson Dylan/Rex Saved Me/Heather Explains/Bedtime Story 5:53
M9 –J. Peter Robinson Chase's Blues 0:48
M10 –J. Peter Robinson Chase Gets The Claw 0:42
M11 –J. Peter Robinson Police 2:14
M12 –J. Peter Robinson Funeral Part A & B 3:01
N13 –J. Peter Robinson Nosebleed 2:44
N14 –J. Peter Robinson The Park 1:12
N15 –J. Peter Robinson Dylan Meets God 2:36
N16 –J. Peter Robinson Painting At Robert England's Part A & B 2:58
N17 –J. Peter Robinson Dylan Attacks Heather 2:01
N18 –J. Peter Robinson Tongue 0:27
N19 –J. Peter Robinson Childhood Schizophrenia 1:21
N20 –J. Peter Robinson Odyssey 1:56
N21 –J. Peter Robinson Wes & Theme (Overlay) 3:30
N22 –J. Peter Robinson Miss Me??!! 1:07
O23 –J. Peter Robinson Oxygentyten 2:07
O24 –J. Peter Robinson Everything Is NOT Fine 2:47
O25 –J. Peter Robinson Julie Killed 3:56
O26 –J. Peter Robinson Freebfleg 3:36
O27 –J. Peter Robinson Transformation/Emergence & Theme (Overlay) 3:15
O28 –J. Peter Robinson Breadcrumbs 3:40
P29 –J. Peter Robinson Dylan/Eels/Chasing Dylan/Heather To The Rescue/Explosions 9:09
P30 –J. Peter Robinson Read Me A Story & Theme (Overlay)/End Credits 9:24

Technical data

Label Death Waltz Recording Company DW64, 0616892514046
Discs >5
Format Vinyl
Made in US
Released DEC 15, 2017

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