JOHN WILLIAMS, JOHN POWELL Solo: A Star Wars Story (2xLP 180g)

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Producent: MONDO
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LP FORMAT DETAILS: Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl with artwork by César Moreno.

OVERVIEW: Mondo, in collaboration with Walt Disney Records, is proud to present the premiere vinyl release of John Powell's brilliant score to SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY.

The origin story of science fiction’s greatest rogue is a Star Wars story through and through: a rollicking adventure, full of humor and suspense - and in the grand tradition of the franchise, features an epic sweeping score worthy of the biggest screen (or, in this case, speakers) imaginable.

John Williams' new "The Adventures of Han Theme" kicks things off in a spectacular fashion, setting the tone for John Powell's fantastic original score to enter the Star Wars canon (only the third composer to ever tackle the film series in its 40+ year legacy).

Han Solo Theme and original Star Wars music by John Williams
Score composed and adapted by John Powell


Disc One
Side One
1. The Adventures of Han
2. Meet Han
3. Corellia Chase
4. Spaceport
5. Flying with Chewie

Side Two
1. Train Heist
2. Marauders Arrive
3. Chicken in the Pot
4. Is This Seat Taken?
5. L3 & Millennium Falcon
6. Lando’s Closet

Disc Two
Side One
1. Mine Mission
2. Break Out
3. The Good Guy
4. Reminiscence Therapy

Side Two
1. Into the Maw
2. Savareen Stand-Off
3. Good Thing You Were Listening
4. Testing Allegiance
5. Dice & Roll


Dane techniczne

Wydawca MONDO MOND230B, 0810041485199
Ilość płyt 2
Format Vinyl
Data premiery MAR 12, 2021

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