A Monsters Expedition + Earlier Adventures (COLOR 2xLP)

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Producent: Iam8bit
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  • Relaxing music to puzzle to
  • 2xLP on Orange and Purple vinyl
  • Featuring music from four different games – A Monster’s Expedition, Sokobond, Cosmic Express and A Good Snowman Is Hard to Build
  • Music by Eli Rainsberry, Allison Walker, Nick Dymond, and Priscilla Snow

  • Album Art by Andre Rodrigues
  • Cracking a brain teaser is a much easier prospect if you’ve got a good soundtrack humming along in the background. No one knows that better than the fine folks at Draknek & Friends, and this 2xLP is a testament to that fact. It’s a compilation of the most ponderous and whimsical melodies from four different and very awesome games: A Monster’s Expedition, Sokobond, Cosmic Express and A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, perfect for getting lost in thought or just unwinding after a tough day of puzzling. 

1. Through the Archway
2. Exploratory
3. A Sit By the Water
4. A Monster's Expedition
5. The Rain Cascades
6. Walking Through Mists
7. Sedentary Waters
8. To Cross the Seas
9. Between the Shoals
10. Islands With an Ocean View
11. Moving Evergreens
12. Observatory
13. The Thaslassic Surrounding
14. Making Friends
15. Pushing Onwards
16. Isocyanic Acid
17. Credits
18. Level Select
19. Andromeda
20. Delpinus
21. Vela
22. Ursa Minor
23. Cassiopeia
24. Taurus
25. Ursa Major
26. Perseus
27. Journey
28. Monoliths
29. Orion
30. Nova
31. Nova 7
32. A Good Snowman is Hard To Build
33. Evergreen
34. Welcoming Presence
35. Warm & Cozy
36. Flutter
37. Whist
38. It Isn't Over
39. The Big Picture
40. Dreamworld Waltz
41. A Friend, In Three Parts

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Wydawca iam8bit 8BIT-8159-2, 0850037673032
Ilość płyt 2
Format Vinyl
Data premiery MAY 12, 2023

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