BLINK 182 Box Set - LIMITED EDITON 10xLP 180g

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7 Album box set. 10 records printed on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl. All 6 studio albums plus the live album. Comes with free MP3 download / Exclusive vinyl box bundle comes with badges, stickers and slipmat. Limited edition vinyl box collects all 7 album repressings. The set includes Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, Neighborhoods (2LP), Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (2LP), blink-182 (2LP) and Cheshire Cat. 

A1 Carousel
A2 M+M's
A3 Fentoozler
A4 Touchdown Boy
A5 Strings
A6 Peggy Sue
A7 Sometimes
A8 Does My Breath Smell?
B1 Cacophony
B3 Toast And Bananas
B4 Wasting Time
B5 Romeo And Rebecca
B6 Ben Wah Balls
B7 Just About Done
B8 Depends
C1 Pathetic
C2 Voyeur
C3 Dammit
C4 Boring
C5 Dick Lips
C6 Waggy
C7 Enthused
C8 Untitled
D1 Apple Shampoo
D2 Emo
D3 Josie
D4 A New Hope
D5 Degenerate
D6 Lemmings
D7 I'm Sorry
E1 Dumpweed
E2 Don't Leave Me
E3 Aliens Exist
E4 Going Away to College
E5 What's My Age Again?
E6 Dysentary Gary
F1 Adam's Song
F2 All The Small Things
F3 The Party Song
F4 Mutt
F5 Wendy Clear
F6 Anthem
G1 Dumpweed
G2 Don't Leave Me
G3 Aliens Exist
G4 Family Reunion
G5 Going Away To College
G6 What's My Age Again?
G7 Rich Lips
G8 Blew Job
H1 Untitled
H2 Voyeur
H3 Pathetic
H4 Adam's Song
H5 Peggy Sue
I1 Wendy Clear
I2 Carousel
I3 All The Small Things
I4 Mutt
I5 The Country Song
I6 Dammit
I7 Man Overboard
J1 1-29
K1 Anthem Part Two
K2 Online Songs
K3 First Date
K4 Happy Holidays You Bastard
K5 Story Of A Lonely Guy
K6 The Rock Show
K7 Stay Together For The Kids
L1 Roller Coaster
L2 Reckless Abandon
L3 Everytime I Look For You
L4 Give Me One Good Reason
L5 Shut Up
L6 Please Take Me Home
M1 Feeling This
M2 Obvious
M3 I Miss You
M4 Violence
M5 Stockholm Syndrome
N1 Down
N2 The Fallen Interlude
N3 Go
N4 Asthenia
N5 Always
O1 Always
O2 Easy Target
O3 All of This
O4 I'm Lost Without You
P1 Ghost On the Dance Floor
P2 Natives
P3 Up All Night
Q1 After Midnight
Q2 Snake Charmer
Q3 Heart's All Gone Interlude
Q4 Heart's All Gone
R1 Wishing Well
R2 Kaleidoscope
R3 This Is Home
R4 MH 4.18.2011
S1 Love Is Dangerous
S2 Fighting The Gravity
S3 Even If She Falls

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Wydawca GEFFEN 0602557047769
Ilość płyt >10
Format Vinyl
Data premiery 2016

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