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This box set include:
- 4xLPs;
- 6xCDs;
- 2xDVDs, NTSC, All Regions;
- a 12"x12" box with at the bottom cut out recesses in foam to accomodate the CDs;
- a 12"x12" 40-page booklet with new liner notes;
- a certificate;
- 4x 12"x12" outer sleeves and 4x 12"x12" inner sleeves;
- 7x gatefold cardboard wallets;
- a credit card sized coupon with an unique code to access the download of 4x additional period tracks.


 The Crackdown

LP1-A1 24-24

LP1-A2 In The Shadows

LP1-A3 Talking Time

LP1-A4 Animation

LP1-B1 Over And Over

LP1-B2 Just Fascination

LP1-B3 Why Kill Time When You Can Kill Yourself

LP1-B4 Haiti

LP1-B5 Crackdown


LP2-C1 Do Right

LP2-C2 The Operative

LP2-C3 Digital Rasta

LP2-C4 Spies In The Wires

LP2-C5 Theme From Earthshaker

LP2-D1 James Brown

LP2-D2 Slammer

LP2-D3 Blue Heat

LP2-D4 Sensoria

  Drinking Gasoline

LP3-E1 Kino

LP3-E2 Sleepwalking

LP3-F1 Big Funk

LP3-F2 Ghost Talk

  The Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord

LP4-G1 L21ST

LP4-G2 I Want You

LP4-G3 Hells Home

LP4-G4 Kickback

LP4-G5 The Arm Of The Lord

LP4-H1 Warm

LP4-H2 Golden Halos

LP4-H3 Motion Rotation

LP4-H4 Whip Blow

LP4-H5 The Web

  The Crackdown

CD1-1 24-24

CD1-2 In The Shadows

CD1-3 Talking Time

CD1-4 Animation

CD1-5 Over And Over

CD1-6 Just Fascination

CD1-7 Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself)

CD1-8 Haiti

CD1-9 Crackdown

CD1-10 Diskono

CD1-11 Double Vision

CD1-12 Badge Of Evil

CD1-13 Moscow


CD2-1 Do Right

CD2-2 The Operative

CD2-3 Digital Rasta

CD2-4 Spies In The Wires

CD2-5 Theme From Earthshaker

CD2-6 James Brown

CD2-7 Slammer

CD2-8 Blue Heat

CD2-9 Sensoria

  Drinking Gasoline

CD3-1 Kino

CD3-2 Sleepwalking

CD3-3 Big Funk

CD3-4 Ghostalk

  The Covenant, The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord

CD4-1 L21ST

CD4-2 I Want You

CD4-3 Hells Home

CD4-4 Kickback

CD4-5 The Arm Of The Lord

CD4-6 Warm

CD4-7 Golden Halos

CD4-8 Motion Rotation

CD4-9 Whip Blow

CD4-10 The Web

  83-85 12" As & Bs

CD5-1 Just Fascination (12" Version)

CD5-2 Crackdown (12" Version)

CD5-3 The Dream Ticket (12" Version)

CD5-4 Sensoria (12" Version)

CD5-5 James Brown (12" Version)

CD5-6 I Want You (12" Version)

CD5-7 Safety Zone (12" Version)

CD5-8 Cut The Damn Camera (12" Version)

CD5-9 Bad Self Pt.1 (12" Version)

CD5-10 Drink Your Poison (12" Version)

CD5-11 C.O.M.A. (12" Version)

  Earthshaker (The Lost Soundtrack)

CD6-1 Earthshaker 5

CD6-2 Earthshaker 1

CD6-3 Theme From Earthshaker (Sheffield Mix)

CD6-4 Digital Rasta (Dub Version)

CD6-5 Earthshaker 3

CD6-6 Whip Blow (Instrumental Dub)

CD6-7 James Brown (Instrumental)

CD6-8 Golden Halos (Instrumental Dub)

CD6-9 Earthshaker 2

CD6-10 Cut The Damn Camera (Sheffield Mix)

CD6-11 Do Right (Cut-Up Mix)

CD6-12 Earthshaker 4

  Gasoline In Your Eye

DVD1-1-1 Introduction

DVD1-1-2 Crackdown

DVD1-1-3 Diffusion

DVD1-1-4 Sleepwalking

DVD1-1-5 Slow Boat To Thassos

DVD1-1-6 Sensoria

DVD1-1-7 Automotivation

DVD1-1-8 Big Funk

DVD1-1-9 Kino

DVD1-1-10 Ghostalk

DVD1-1-11 Fadeout

  DVD Extras

DVD1-2-1 Just Fascination (7” Mix)

DVD1-2-2 Sensoria (7” Mix)

DVD1-2-3 I Want You (7” Mix)

DVD1-2-4 I Want You (12” Mix)

  Archive (Live Video Transfer)

  Live At Bedford Boys Club 18.08.84

DVD2-1-1 Intro

DVD2-1-2 Crackdown

DVD2-1-3 Sensoria

DVD2-1-4 Just Fascination

DVD2-1-5 Safety Zone

DVD2-1-6 Ghost Talk

DVD2-1-7 Digital Rasta

DVD2-1-8 Kino

DVD2-1-9 Do Right

  Live At Hammersmith Palais 02.12.84

DVD2-2-1 Mao Intro

DVD2-2-2 Animation

DVD2-2-3 Big Funk

DVD2-2-4 Sensoria

DVD2-2-5 Digital Rasta

DVD2-2-6 Japno

DVD2-2-7 Ghost Talk

DVD2-2-8 Sleepwalking

DVD2-2-9 Kino

DVD2-2-10 Do Right

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Wydawca MUTE, CABS21, 5099999322724
Ilość płyt >10
Format BOX-SET
Data premiery 2014

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