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JOHNNY CASH American Recordings BOX 7xLP (US EDITION)

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Kod produktu: ED9B-4763C


American Recordings
A1 Delia's Gone 2:17
A2 Let The Train Below The Whistle 2:15
A3 The Beast In Me 2:45
A4 Drive On 2:23
A5 Why Me Lord 2:20
A6 Thirteen 2:29
A7 Oh, Bury Me Not (Includes the Introduction to Cowboy's Prayer) 3:52
B1 Bird On A Wire 4:01
B2 Tennessee Stud (Live) 2:54
B3 Down There By The Train 5:34
B4 Redemption 3:03
B5 Like A Soldier 2:50
B6 The Man Who Couldn't Cry (Live) 5:01

American Il: Unchained
A1 Rowboat 3:43
A2 Sea Of Heartbreak 2:42
A3 Rusty Cage 2:48
A4 The One Rose 2:26
A5 Country Boy 2:31
A6 Memories Are Made Of This 2:19
A7 Spiritual 5:07
B1 The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea 2:31
B2 Southern Accents 4:41
B3 Mean Eyed Cat 2:32
B4 Meet Me In Heaven 3:21
B5 I Never Picked Cotton 2:39
B6 Unchained 2:51
B7 I've Been Everywhere 3:16

American III: Solitary Man
A1 I Won't Back Down 2:08
A2 Solitary Man 2:23
A3 That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day) 2:34
A4 One 3:51
A5 Nobody 3:13
A6 I See A Darkness 3:41
A7 The Mercy Seat 4:34
B1 Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone) 2:40
B2 Field Of Diamonds 3:14
B3 Before My Time 2:53
B4 Country Trash 1:46
B5 Mary Of The Wild Moor 2:31
B6 I'm Leavin' Now 3:05
B7 Wayfaring Stranger 3:20

American IV: The Man Comes Around
A1 The Man Comes Around 4:26
A2 Hurt 3:38
A3 Give My Love To Rose 3:28
B1 Bridge Over Troubled Water 3:55
B2 I Hung My Head 3:53
B3 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 3:52
B4 Personal Jesus 3:20
C1 In My Life 2:57
C2 Sam Hall 2:40
C3 Danny Boy 3:19
C4 Desperado 3:13
D1 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 3:03
D2 Tear Stained Letter 3:41
D3 Streets of Laredo 3:33
D4 We'll Meet Again 2:58

American V: A Hundred Highways
A1 Help Me 2:51
A2 God's Gonna Cut You Down 2:38
A3 Like The 309 4:35
A4 If You Could Read My Mind 4:30
A5 Further On Up The Road 3:25
A6 On The Evening Train 4:17
B1 I Came To Believe 3:44
B2 Love's Been Good To Me 3:18
B3 A Legend In My Time 2:37
B4 Rose Of My Heart 3:18
B5 Four Strong Winds 4:34
B6 I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now 3:00

American VI: Ain't No Grave
A1 Ain't No Grave 2:53
A2 Redemption Day 4:22
A3 For The Good Times 3:22
A4 I Corinthians 15:55 3:38
A5 Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound 3:26
B1 A Satisfied Mind 2:48
B2 I Don't Hurt Anymore 2:45
B3 Cool Water 2:53
B4 Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream 3:14
B5 Aloha Oe 3:00

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Format BOX-SET
Released 2015

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