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Producent: SPACELAB9
Kod produktu: 8C54-4687E_20220720144346
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  • 4LP pressed on LITA EXCLUSIVE Cloudy Clear Vinyl
  • Includes the full 35-track game score along with 28 additional bonus tracks
  • Comes in deluxe tri-fold jacket

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Soundtrack
A1 The Trail 2:49
A2 Geralt Of Rivia 2:22
A3 Ereding, King Of The Hunt 2:27
A4 Wake Up, Ciri 1:34
A5 Aen Seidhe 2:36
A6 Commanding The Fury 2:08
A7 Emhyr Var Emreis 2:29
A8 Spikeroog 3:05
B1 Silver For Monsters 2:19
B2 The Nightingale 1:39
B3 City Of Intrigues 2:06
B4 The Hunter's Path 2:52
B5 Widow-Maker 2:10
B6 The Vagabond 2:47
B7 ...Steel For Humans 1:27
B8 Fate Calls 1:58
B9 Drink Up, There's More! 1:36
C1 After The Storm 1:31
C2 Cloak And Dagger 2:46
C3 Blood On The Cobblestones 2:02
C4 Farewell, Old Friend 2:52
C5 The Song Of The Sword-Dancer 2:12
C6 The Hunt Is Coming 2:05
C7 The Fields Of Ard Skellig 3:09
C8 Ladies Of The Wood 1:51
C9 I Name Thee Dea And Embrace Thee As My Daughter 1:20
D1 In The Giant's Shadow 2:49
D2 Merchants Of Novigrad 3:09
D3 A Story You Won't Believe 1:37
D4 Go For It 1:08
D5 The Wolf And The Swallow 2:36
D6 Like A Wounded Animal 1:11
D7 Words On Wind 2:48
D8 On Thin Ice 1:37
D9 Hunt Or Be Hunted 2:25
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Expansion Pack Hearts Of Stone Soundtrack
E1 Hearts Of Stone 2:53
E2 Go Back Whence You Came 1:45
E3 You're... Immortal? 2:54
E4 Evil's Soft First Touches 2:48
E5 Dead Man's Party 0:49
E6 Mystery Man 2:41
F1 Breaking In 1:40
F2 Whatsoever A Man Soweth... 2:21
F3 The House Of The Borsodis 0:49
F4 The Temple Of Lilvani 2:21
F5 A Gifted Man Brings Gifts Galore 4:04
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Expansion Pack Blood And Wine Soundtrack
G1 Blood And Wine 2:57
G2 Fanfares And Flowers 3:10
G3 For Honor! For Toussaint! 2:04
G4 Blood Run 2:01
G5 The Banks Of Sansretour 3:58
G6 Wine Wars 2:04
G7 Vivienne 1:36
G8 Titans Of Infamy 1:38
H1 On The Champs-Désolés 2:02
H2 Beyond Hill And Dale... 3:04
H3 The Mandragora 1:53
H4 Tesham Mutna 2:02
H5 Wind In The Caroberta Woods 3:19
H6 The Beast Of Beauclair 1:37
H7 Searching For Cecilia Bellant 2:29
H8 The Night Of Long Fangs 1:44
H9 Lady Of The Lake 1:10

Dane techniczne

Wydawca Spacelab9 SL9-2019-1-0, 0802215204910 / 0802215204934
Ilość płyt 4
Format Vinyl
Data premiery SEP 09, 2023

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