KATAMARI DAMACY Original Video Game Soundtrack 2xLP

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Producent: MONDO
Kod produktu: 444C-671A2
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PRIVATE LISTEN LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dX1ZW4XNxE


OVERVIEW: Mondo is proud to present the premiere vinyl release of the award-winning soundtrack to Bandai-Namco’s 2004 KATAMARI DAMACY.

This is not your typical video game soundtrack. The J-Pop masterpiece is home to some of the most uniquely memorable music in video game history. As bright and bouncy as it is catchy, the soundtrack to KATAMARI DAMACY hosts an eclectic mix of Synth, Pop, Jazz and Swing, as performed by an assortment of incredible Japanese vocalists and composers.

With dazzling new artwork by We Buy Your Kids, this limited-edition release is re-mastered for 2018 and comes pressed on two 180 Gram black vinyl discs, each housed in a screen-printed poly bag.

We Buy Your Kids



Side A
01. Katamari Nah-Nah (ナナナン塊) (1:21)
02. Katamari On The Rocks - Main Theme (塊オンザロック~メインテーマ) (5:57)
03. Overture (0:49)
04. The Moon & The Prince (月と王子) (5:30)
05. Fugue #7777 (フーガ#7777) (1:22)
06. Lonely Rolling Star (5:44)

Side B
07. Walking On A Star! (ステキ星のさんぽはステキ) (3:12)
08. Katamari Mambo (Katamari Syndrome Re-mix) (塊シンドロームmix) (5:35)
09. You Are Smart (3:32)
10. Gin & Tonic & Red Red Roses (真っ赤なバラとジントニック) (4:29)
11. Namco - Wanda Wanda (3:23)

Side C
12. Que Sera Sera (ケ・セラ・セラ) (5:31)
13. Angel Gifts (天使風味の贈り物) (5:08)
14. Roll Me In (カタマりたいの) (5:53)
15. Katamari☆Stars (カタマリ☆スターズ) (2:28)

Side D
16. Cherry Tree Times (さくらいろの季節) (6:14)
17. Lovely Angel (ラブリーエンジェル) (1:27)
18. Stardust Fanfare (サターダスト・ファンファーレ) (0:08)
19. The Last Samba (さいごにサンバ) (1:00)
20. Katamari of Love ~ Ending Theme" (愛のカタマリ~エンディングテーマ) (4:09)
21."Katamari March Damacy" (塊マーチ魂) (2:21)


Dane techniczne

Wydawca MONDO MOND-123, 0843563105207
Ilość płyt 2
Format Vinyl
Data premiery NOV 23, 2018

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