KEIJI RAMAGASHI, RIYUCHI NITTA Ninja Gaiden: The Definitive Soundtrack (4xLP)

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  • Includes BOTH Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
  • Digitally restored under the supervision of Keiji Yamagishi
  • Booklet includes a comprehensive roundtable discussion among several members of the original development team
  • Includes an essay by game historian Ray Barnholt

Ninja Gaiden, of the most iconic and beloved 2D action game series ever created, was first released in the arcades in 1988, while making its console debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) later in the same year. At the time of the console release, Ninja Gaiden was renowned not only for its deep storytelling beautifully visualized by TECMO’s unique “cinema scenes,” but also through its legendary chiptune soundtrack, whose unique rock-’n’-roll sound and drum beat instantly became a formative musical experience for players who were only just getting into video games.

Ninja Gaiden: The Definitive Soundtrack is divided into volumes. The first, Ninja Gaiden Vol. 1, features the music of both the NES title and the Arcade game, both titled Ninja Gaiden. The follow-up, Ninja Gaiden Vol. 2, features the music of both Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos and Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom. This bundle includes BOTH Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 at a special price. These legendary soundtracks have been digitally restored under the supervision of Keiji Yamagishi, one of the original series composers. The booklet includes a comprehensive roundtable discussion among several members of the original development team, including the director, producers, artist and composers; an essay by game historian Ray Barnholt; and original archival artworks.


Ninja Gaiden (NES)
A1 The Moonlight Duel
A2 Determination: Father's Message
A3 The Dragon Ninja
A4 Mysterious Woman
A5 Bravery: On The Clutches
A6 Reminiscence
A7 A Sudden Development
A8 Like A Howling Gale
A9 In Hiding: Pursuing The Nightmare
A10 Eyecatch
A11 The CIA
A12 The Sanctuary Of Shadows
A13 The Amazing Ryu
A14 Crisis
A15 Surprise Attack: The Wicked God's Secret Maneuvers
B1 Malth The Crimson Terror
B2 The Truth Concealed
B3 Melancholy Destiny
B4 Requiem
B5 The Truth Concealed (Reprise)
B6 The Menace Of Jaquio
B7 Showdown: At The Portal Of Death (Battlefield)
B8 The Demon's Incantation
B9 In A Pinch: The Ordeal of Battle
B10 At The End Of The Battle
B11 Irene: Overture Of Dawn (Prelude)
B12 Credits
B13 Game Over
B14 Cinema Display Sound Attack 1
B15 Cinema Display Sound Attack 2
B16 Sound Effects
Ninja Gaiden (Arcade)
C1 Insert Coin
C2 Game Start
C3 LA Stage
C4 LA Stage / Grand Canyon Stage Boss
C5 Round Clear 1
C6 NY Stage
C7 NY Stage / Transcontinental Railroad Stage Boss
C8 Round Clear 2
C9 Las Vegas Stage
C10 Las Vegas Stage Boss
C11 Round Clear 3
D1 Grand Canyon Stage (Japan)
D2 Grand Canyon Stage (USA)
D3 Round Clear 4
D4 Transcontinental Railroad Stage
D5 Round Clear 5
D6 Final Stage
D7 Final Stage Boss
D8 Time's Up
D9 Game Over
D10 Credits
D11 High Score Screen
D12 Round Clear 1 (USA)
D13 Round Clear 2 (USA)
D14 Round Clear 3 (USA)
D15 Round Clear 4 (USA)
D16 Round Clear 5 (USA)
D17 Game Over (USA)
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword Of Chaos
E1 Chaosium Sword
E2 Twist Of Fate II
E3 Going Gets Tough
E4 Battlefield
E5 Robert The Army
E6 It's Too Late
E7 Dehumanize
E8 Interlude II
E9 Thunderstorm
E10 Overdrive
E11 No End Darkness
E12 Tower Lahja
E13 World Enslaved
E14 The Parasprinter
F1 Irene Captured
F2 The Dark Emperor
F3 Hideous Relics
F4 Interlude I
F5 Fire Cavern
F6 Shadow Diabolica
F7 To The Rescue
F8 Unlimited Moment
F9 Castle Demonic
F10 Ryu Fights Back
F11 Lord Of Night
F12 Irene & Ryu
F13 A Long Way To Go
F14 Defeated
F15 All Gone
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship Of Doom
G1 Introduction I
G2 Introduction Ii
G3 Introduction Iii
G4 Twist Of Fate
G5 Stage 1-1 / 5-1
G6 Battlefield
G7 Cinema Display I
G8 Cinema Display II
G9 Stage 2-1 / 7-2
G10 Cinema Display III
G11 Cinema Display IV
G12 Stage 2-2 / 5-2
G13 Cinema Display V
G14 Cinema Display VI
G15 Stage 3-1 / 6-2
H1 Cinema Display VII
H2 Cinema Display VIII
H3 Stage 3-2 / 6-1
H4 Cinema Display IX
H5 Stage 4-1 / 7-1
H6 Cinema Display X
H7 Stage 4-2 / 7-3
H8 Cinema Display XI
H9 Cinema Display XII
H10 Cinema Display XIII
H11 Stage 7-5 / 7-6
H12 Epilogue
H13 Credits
H14 Game Over
H15 Twist Of Fate (Reprise)

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Ilość płyt 4
Format Vinyl
Data premiery FEB 18, 2022

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