RSD21 RANDY NEWMAN Roll With The Punches: The Studio Albums (1979-2017) [8LP Box]

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The seven studio albums from 1979-2017, including Bad Love which will be on vinyl for the first time, all pressed on  black vinyl and together as part of RSD Drops. 

Born Again
A1 It's Money That I Love 3:38
A2 The Story Of A Rock And Roll Band 2:53
A3 Pretty Boy 4:00
A4 Mr. Sheep 3:53
A5 Ghosts 2:28
A6 They Just Got Married 2:51
B1 Spies 3:55
B2 The Girls In My Live (Part 1) 2:36
B3 Half A Man 3:38
B4 William Brown 1:50
B5 Pants 3:06
Trouble In Paradise
C1 I Love L.A. 3:29
C2 Christmas In Capetown 4:21
C3 The Blues 3:01
C4 Same Girl 2:53
C5 Mikey's 2:10
C6 My Life Is Good 4:38
D1 Miami 4:04
D2 Real Emotional Girl 2:28
D3 Take Me Back 4:09
D4 There's A Party At My House 2:50
D5 I'm Different 2:33
D6 Song For The Dead 3:00
Land Of Dreams
E1 Dixie Flyer 4:10
E2 New Orleans Wins The War 3:27
E3 Four Eyes 3:34
E4 Falling In Love 3:00
E5 Something Special 3:07
E6 Bad News From Home 2:45
F1 Roll With The Punches 3:29
F2 Masterman And Baby J 3:27
F3 Red Bandana 2:35
F4 Follow The Flag 2:15
F5 It's Money That Matters 4:04
F6 I Want You To Hurt Like I Do 4:07
Randy Newman's Faust
G1 Glory Train 4:44
G2 Can't Keep A Good Man Down 2:45
G3 How Great Our Lord 2:42
G4 Best Little Girl 2:28
G5 Northern Boy 2:44
G6 Bless The Children Of The World 3:50
H1 Gainesville 3:30
H2 Relax, Enjoy Yourself 5:41
H3 Life Has Been Good To Me 3:27
H4 Little Island 3:20
H5 The Man 3:14
H6 My Hero 2:35
I1 I Gotta Be Your Man 2:31
I2 Feels Like Home 4:26
I3 Bleeding All Over The Place 4:15
I4 Sandman's Coming 2:41
I5 Happy Ending 3:21
The Faust Demos
J1 Each Perfect Day (Demo) 1:10
J2 How Great Our Lord (Demo) 3:47
J3 It Was Beautiful (Demo) 2:17
J4 Damn Fine Day (Demo) 2:31
J5 March Of The Protestants (Demo) 1:52
J6 Love Time (Demo) 6:53
J7 When Love Is In The Air (Demo) 3:22
Bad Love
K1 My Country 5:40
K2 Shame 4:53
K3 I'm Dead (But I Don't Know It) 3:24
K4 Every Time It Rains 3:32
K5 The Great Nations Of Europe 3:24
K6 The One You Love 3:38
L1 The World Isn't Fair 2:43
L2 Big Hat, No Cattle 4:24
L3 Better Off Dead 4:01
L4 I Miss You 3:56
L5 Going Home 2:06
L6 I Want Everyone To Like Me 3:00
Harps And Angels
M1 Harps And Angels 5:07
M2 Losing You 2:42
M3 Laugh And Be Happy 2:19
M4 A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country 4:13
M5 A Piece Of The Pie 2:42
N1 Easy Street 3:14
N2 Korean Parents 3:27
N3 Only A Girl 2:44
N4 Potholes 3:42
N5 Feels Like Home 4:51
Dark Matter
O1 The Great Debate 8:09
O2 Brothers 4:54
O3 Putin 3:46
O4 Lost Without You 3:54
P1 Sonny Boy 4:42
P2 It's A Jungle Out There (V2) 3:19
P3 She Chose Me 3:13
P4 On The Beach 4:32
P5 Wandering Boy 3:02

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Format Vinyl
Data premiery JUL 17, 2021

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